Gravel GoneGlamorous

Nobody builds bikes quite like Gustav "Dangerholm" Gullholm. Revered in the world of mountain biking for building incredibly lightweight bikes that always feature several cleverly thought out custom modifications, Dangerholm has now thrown himself into his first drop-bar build.

If you see a picture of Gustav Gullholm, you'll quickly realize that he's a guy that doesn't let passing trends dictate his looks. Dangerholm can almost always be found rocking a pair of shorter-than-short denim shorts like the late great Lemmy Kilmister, which he pairs with his signature thick full beard and braided ponytail.

Dangerholm's preference for swimming against the tide and listening to his inner voice isn't just apparent in his looks, it's also what defines the way he thinks and builds bikes. By combining a skilled set of hands with a creative mind, Dangerholm has gained a wide audience who's eager to see just what kind of jaw-dropping customized bike he comes up with next.

Mostly known for his exploits in mountain bike builds, Dangerholm has now, like the rest of the world of cycling it seems, thrown his attention on gravel. His latest build, a 7.13 kg Scott Addict Gravel, originates from the type of riding he has been doing lately:

"I may be a mountain biker at heart, but the gravel roads are where I have spent most of my time in recent years. It’s a good way to get your training hours in and for your mind to relax, while enjoying the scenery with little to no traffic to worry about. So after several ambitious mountain bike builds, aiming for record low weights or new levels of integration, it was finally time for a real gravel bike. It was a natural step and my first foray into the drop-bar world", Dangerholm explains.

In the past Dangerholm could be coined as the ultimate weight weenie, as he would often be found putting a knife to expensive frames in an attempt to scrape off as much paint (i.e. weight) as possible. But this time around he has gone for a more performance-oriented build. But, Dangerholm being Dangerholm he has of course still chosen the raw carbon look for his new Scott Addict Gravel 

This being his first drop-bar bike we're honored to see that Dangerholm has chosen to feature our OSPW and Botton Bracket as part of this stunning bike. Scroll through the gallery to check out the full build.