Our core products are supportive by nature. Without a product foundation such as bikes, gear groups, and wheels, their full potential can't be unlocked.That's why we partner with some of the most innovative and significant brands in the industry - always with the mission of making their products even better.


Our partnership with Factor started in 2015 when they chose to spec our Bottom Brackets as a factory standard across their range. Since then our partnership has developed into one of the longest-standing in our portfolio, and Factor has played a pivotal role in the development of our SLT Bearings, which now feature as a standard on all their bikes. 


Few brands in modern cycling can display as rich a history as Colnago. To be an official partner of the iconic Italian brand is something we take great pride in. Our partnership started in 2018, and we've relied on Colnago's knowledge and craftmanship during the development of our SLT Bearings, which now grace the stylish handmade bikes leaving Colnago's factory in Cambiago. 

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What started as a university project nearly 30 years ago has since turned into one of the most respected bike manufacturers in the industry. Canadian Cervelo has had a monumental impact on how modern bikes look by pioneering aero road bike design always aimed at making riders as fast as possible. We share that common belief with Cervelo and are proud to call them partners since 2016. 


From humble beginnings selling bike parts out the back of a trailer to becoming one of the largest brands in cycling, Canyon has always operated with a great passion for the sport as a foundation. We've worked with the German consumer-direct brand since 2016, and our bearings have been featured across a range of their premium drop bar and flat bar bikes.  


There are wheels, and then there are Lightweight wheels. The German carbon pioneers are renowned as one of the truly unique wheel brands within the industry. Their approach is based on German engineering, unsurpassable material quality, and handmade production. Lightweight has chosen our custom bearings since 2017 to make sure their wheels stay ahead of the pack.