The world is yours to explore. Don't let your bike hold you back. 

All-out racing on hard-packed dirt. All-road riding that links stretches of tarmac with farm tracks and forest trails. Continent crossing adventures onboard loaded down bikes, etc., etc. The concept of "Gravel" is as varied as the shapes and sizes of the rocks underneath our tires.

But no matter if racing or roaming is your preferred modus of travel when you point your drop bar bike beyond the pavement, you need gear that's ready to handle anything you embark on.

CeramicSpeed components are designed for performance and built to endure the demands of riding in the most challenging conditions. They're as durable as they're fast, meaning the only limits you have to worry about are those presented by your legs and mind.

Go everywhere, fast 

Just because your curiosity tells you to discover what's at the end of that dirt road on your right, shouldn't mean you should lose your momentum. Our components' prowess for speed transitions as smoothly from pavement to dirt as the dynamics in a Pixies song. 





Do-it-all Durability 

There's more to our name than speed. Our products are purpose-built to endure the rigors of mixed-surface, all-conditions riding. Whether you have your sight set on the endless road or racing 10+ hours around Emporia, we'll keep you riding.

Lifetime Warranty on Coated Products

The Road to Tavertet

Journey along as Jonas Strømberg and Mattia Paganotti reconnect during an overnight adventure, riding on some of the most scenic roads in Catalonia after more than 1.5 years apart due to the pandemic.

Comfortably Compatible

No matter if your all-road bike is specced with deep-section wheels and a traditional road groupset or if your exploration rig is fitted with 650b rims and a mullet group, we offer gravel components that cover most riders' needs.

At The Front of The Pack

Gravel racing is the fastest growing and arguably the most exciting racing scene to follow these years. It's a discipline that demands gear that can handle to be ridden hard and ridden fast. In other words, our natural habitat.

Cole Paton's race-winning ride at MidSouth, Brennan Wertz's top-10s in iconic races like Unbound and SBT GRVL, and Maude Farrell's impressive win at the MidSouth Double are a testament to our components' dirt racing pedigree.

Brennan's Hunt for Gravel Glory