Bottom Bracket Socket Tool

The CeramicSpeed Bottom Bracket Dual Socket Tool has a magnetic center guide for 22.2, 24, 28 and 30mm bearing bore. There's a stable engagement with cups for easy installation and extraction. 

The tool is precision machined for scratch-free use - developed and designed in Denmark. 

BB Socket Tool Compatibility Overview

CeramicSpeed Dual Socket Tool T45 Colnago/T47

Side A: 16 Notch ø52,2 for T47X86 for Shimano/SRAM GXP/Campagnolo UT/30mm/SRAM DUB. Side B: 16 Notch ø53 for T45 (Colnago Threadfit 82.5) Shimano/SRAM GXP/Campagnolo UT/30mm/SRAM DUB.

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CeramicSpeed Dual Socket Tool BSA/ITA

Side A: 16 Notch ø44 for BSA/ITA/BB30/T47X68 for Shimano/SRAM GXP/Campagnolo UT. Side B: 12 Notch ø46,5 for BSA/ITA/T47X68 for 30mm/SRAM DUB, BB30 SRAM DUB.