Crank setup with no crank based preload adjustment
using an O-ring

For 30mm cranks that do not feature an adjustable preload mechanism (pinch bolt or preload ring), CeramicSpeed provides a selection of thin spacers and a soft durometer o-ring.

This approach allows a finer adjustment than a wide range wavy washer and eliminates the ability for moisture & contamination to sit on the crank around the wavy washer.

If your crank uses an adjustable preload ring, or an end cap and pinch bolt design, you do not need to use the o-ring.

The spacer & alignment needs for each crank & frame combination will vary slightly. We recommend reviewing the crank manufactures installation procedure before attempting initial installation.

To setup the proper bearing preload on your CeramicSpeed bottom bracket, begin with an initial installation of the crank using only the minimum spacers needed for proper side to side alignment. Torque the crank to the manufactures specification and move the crank to the left, or non-drive side of the bike, to visually inspect the amount of space requiring additional spacers. You may need to tap the crank on the drive side at the axel to ensure the crank is completely over.

Use flat spacers to center and align the crank as needed, filling most of the width on the crank spindle. The o-ring will accommodate 1.5mm-2mm of space for final preload pressure. The o-ring should be installed on the left (non-drive side) for 30mm cranks.

The o-ring will be:

ø29x2 for ø30 crankset (EVO386) road (ROTOR,FSA,SRAM, Cannondale, THM, Campagnolo OT, among others) Ø29x2 for BB30 (Crankset) road (B=68).