Support for Chains & Coatings

Mounting your new optimised chain is no different from the installation of any other chain.
To install your chain, a chain tool is required.
  • Always connect the chain with the connecting link provided. We do not recommend reusing the connecting link.
  • Shorten the chain at optimal length.
  • When cutting the chain with the chain tool, remember that the cut needs to be made so that the chain-ends are both inner plates.
  • Attach the two pieces of the connecting link where the link rivet matches the link plate hole, then pull the chain to activate the lock.
What happens to my UFO Racing Chain if it rains?

Have no worries, your chain is protected against light and heavy rain conditions. Testing shows that UFO Racing Chains that encounter wet conditions, either during a race or the night leading into a race, perform better than any factory or stock chain on the market.

You do not need to consider any special treatment of your chain before or during any ride and/or competition if it rains.

After any ride and/or competition where it has rained we recommend applying UFO Drip Chain Coating as there is a risk of corrosion.

How to clean your chain and apply UFO Drip Chain Coating
The importance of using a quality chain wax formula