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Sale price€300,00

Product description

Optimize your wheel with CeramicSpeed Wheel Kits and feel the difference immediately. A CeramicSpeed Wheel Kit reduces friction - the result is higher top speed. The bearing lifetime is proven to be 3-5 times longer than standard wheel bearings. The high velocity of wheel bearings means that bearing friction can have a huge impact on performance.

Campagnolo and Fulcrum hubs, both front and rear, use loose balls in a cup and cone design. The Cassette body on Campagnolo and Fulcrum uses two bearings. Note that Fulcrum R5 is not compatible with these kits.

In The Box

  • 60 5/32” CeramicSpeed balls
  • CeramicSpeed All Round Grease
  • Sticker sheet
50 g
Wheel/Hub Brand
Campy / Fulcrum
Wheel/Hub Model
Campy and Fulcrum hubs (Not R5)

Gain higher top speed

Low rolling resistance

3-5 times longer bearing lifetime

How to identify the right wheel bearing compatibility for a CeramicSpeed Upgrade

Learn how to find the wheel bearings you need for your wheelset.

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