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Cannondale-3 MTB

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Sale price€775,00

Product description

Save more energy or ride faster and make the most out of your Cannondale wheelset. This Wheel Kit is compatible with Cannondale MTB Czero.

Thanks to the CeramicSpeed unique bearing properties, you benefit from increased performance properties, lowest bearing friction and a 3-5 times longer longevity.

The perfect setup for a fast riding experience, your upgraded Cannondale wheels will improve your performance and help you ride smoother and faster. This wheel kit is fitted with our CeramicSpeed Coated Bearings which offers increased bearing longevity and even lower friction.

In the box

  • 3 x 61902 bearings
  • 2 x 61803 bearings
  • 2 x 61805 bearings
  • AllRound Grease
  • Seals
  • Sticker Sheet
112 g
Wheel/Hub Brand
Wheel/Hub Model
Cannondale MTB Czero

Gain higher top speed

Low rolling resistance

3-5 times longer bearing lifetime

How to identify the right wheel bearing compatibility for a CeramicSpeed Upgrade

Learn how to find the wheel bearings you need for your wheelset.

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