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RS 5-Spoke
RS ALPHA Team Edition
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Sale price€417,00

Product description

Upgrade your Mavic wheels with a CeramicSpeed Wheel Kit to reduce friction, increase performance and get the most out of your Mavic Wheels immediately. CeramicSpeed Wheel Bearings have a proven lifetime, which is 3-5 times longer than standard wheel bearings. Choose the MAVIC wheel kit with the special CeramicSpeed coating and you will experience an even lower friction and prolonged lifetime in the coated version.

In the box:

  • 3 x 61901 bearings
  • 2 x 608/9 bearings
  • All Round Grease
  • Decal

Front hub bearings: 61901 + 61901

Rear hub bearings: 61901 + 608/9 + 608/9
Remember to add grease and mount seals before installation

Net weight
48.0 g
Gross Weight
91 g
Wheel/Hub Brand
Wheel/Hub Model
2017 CXR Ultimate 80 T, 2017 CXR Ultimate 60 T, 2017 CXR Ultimate 60 C, 2017 Cosmic Ultimate, 2017 Cosmic Carbone 40 Elite, 2017 Ksyrium Pro Exalith SL, 2017 Ksyrium Pro Exalith, 2017 Ksyrium Pro SL, 2017 Ksyrium Pro, 2016 Ksyrium Pro SL (Ksyrium SLS), 2016 Cosmic Pro Carbon SL T (CC40T), 2016 Cosmic Pro Carbon Exalith (CC SLE), 2016 Ksyrium Pro Exalith SL (Ksy SLR), 2016 Ksyrium Pro Exalith (Ksyrium SLE), 2015 Cosmic Carbone 40 Elite, 2015 Ksyrium SLE, 2014 Cosmic Carbone CXR 60 C, 2014 Cosmic Carbone CXR 60 T, 2014 Cosmic Carbone 40 C, 2014 Cosmic Carbone 40 T, 2014 Cosmic Carbone SLS , 2014 Cosmic Carbone Ultimate, 2013 COSMIC CXR 80, 2013 COSMIC CARBONE 80, 2013 Cosmic Carbone SLE, 2013 Ksyrium SLR, 2013 R-Sys, 2013 Ksyrium SLS (Clincher), and 2015 Ksyrium SLR

Gain higher top speed

Low rolling resistance

3-5 times longer bearing lifetime

How to identify the right wheel bearing compatibility for a CeramicSpeed Upgrade

Learn how to find the wheel bearings you need for your wheelset.

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