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Pulley Wheels for SRAM 1-11

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Sale price€319,00

Product description

SRAM’s 1x 11-speed rear derailleurs work better with our 12-tooth pulleys. They work with less mechanical friction, adding to the power transmitted to the rear wheel. They also possess greater durability, going longer between replacement intervals.

Our Pulley Wheels for SRAM 1-11 are compatible with the following 11-speed rear derailleurs:
Force CX1
Force 1
Rival 1

The upper and lower pulleys both have a narrow-wide tooth design.

There are choices, so you can choose for your needs. Machined aluminum pulleys with our CeramicSpeed Balls in stainless-steel races is the base. The bearings are our Standard Bearings. These test better than anything else on the market. The second option is machined titanium pulleys with our Stock Bearings. The third is machined titanium pulleys with our CeramicSpeed Balls installed in coated, hardened-steel races.

In the box

  • 2 x 12-tooth pulley wheels
  • CeramicSpeed Oil for Pulley Wheel Bearings, 15ml dropper bottle
  • CeramicSpeed All Round Grease
  • Sticker sheet
84 g
Pulley Material
Derailleur Brand

Handbuilt bearings

Lightweight machined alloy body

Assembled by hand

How to Service Your CeramicSpeed Pulley Wheels

This video will guide you through the maintenance of CeramicSpeed Pulley Wheels for Campagnolo, Shimano and SRAM. It is always important to take care of your pulley wheels. Only with proper maintenance can you benefit from the best riding performance, you can achieve the lowest friction and the best longevity.

Installation of CeramicSpeed Pulley Wheels for SRAM

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