The Road to Tavertet

At first sight, the friendship between Jonas Strømberg and Mattia Paganotti can look like one made up of contrasts. But like with most things in life, there's more to it than meets the eye.

Whenever he isn't putting out some of the most sought-after artisan frames under the 'Legor Cicli' moniker, Mattia can be found podiuming in the weekend races on the local CX circuit around Barcelona. For recreation, he unwinds with experiments in producing natural wine and other fermentations - a bon vivant in the truest sense.

Meanwhile, Jonas is a father of three and a business owner. Each day he's faced with the task of trying to balance family time and work obligations with his urge to let his hair down (Literally. Just look at those flowy, golden locks...) and escape onto the gravel roads of the Nordmarka Forest surrounding Oslo.

Contrasting life situations, for sure. But in reality, their bond is forged through a deep mutual love for bikes and adventure. We journey along as the pair reconnect during an overnighter, riding on some of the most scenic roads in Mattia's adopted home region of Catalonia after more than 1.5 years apart due to the pandemic.

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With special thanks to:

Jonas Strømberg // strombern

Mattia Paganotti // legorcicli

Cinematography & Photography:

Matt Tomlinson & Nil Camarasa // The Service Course