CeramicSpeed OSPW Aero

The world's fastest pulley wheel system just got faster...

Our winning mentality and innovative DNA make us constantly strive to further develop and perfect our products. It's this relentless approach that has seen the CeramicSpeed OSPW Aero come to fruition.

The OSPW Aero has been developed in close collaboration with one of the world's leading aerodynamicists; Simon Smart, founder of Drag2Zero, who has a significant background in Formula One before he turned his attention to cycling in 2007.

The development process behind the OSPW Aero has been a continuous dialogue with Simon Smart spanning over two years, where extensive wind tunnel testing has influenced multiple design iterations. The end result is an entirely new cage structure wrapped around our existing mechanically optimized design. 

An aero-informed design

The design of the OSPW Aero refines aerodynamics by focusing on frontal area impact, as well as smoothing and controlling the trailing wind.

"The CeramicSpeed OSPW has class leading aerodynamics for its size. Given that this only represents about 1% of the total system drag, we knew that we had a challenge on our hands particularly as the rear derailleur cage sits on the most complicated area of flow on the bike, and also given the position and angle changes. This is one of the most complex areas of the bike to develop" - Simon Smart, founder of Drag2Zero


The new OSPW Aero ALPHA takes its name from the ultra-durable ALPHA Disc Pulley Wheels first introduced with our OSPW X for Eagle Transmission.

The ALPHA Disc features a two-piece construction. A separate narrow-wide tooth profile produced in a composite material that offers prolonged wear protection and noise reduction. As well as a solid aluminum disc adding strength and stiffness to the Pulley Wheel design.

Active Debris Remover (ADR)

ADR is a patent-pending technical feature based on a unique combination that makes it virtually impossible for debris to enter the bearing.

It consists of a new dust cover design that sits safely anchored in a groove in the pulley wheel, thereby completely enclosing the bearing. This is paired with a bladed groove structure that surrounds the dust cover, which dynamically extracts debris from the pulley wheel when it's rotating.

White paper 

Wind tunnel testing shows that the OSPW Aero locally reduces drag by 40 % on average and at some points up to 60 % compared to a stock derailleur. For all the science, data, and info about testing, read the full white paper here.

White paper 

World-class Speed 

From podiums in Grand Tour ITTs and during the Men's & Women's IM World Championships even before it launched to a Course Record-Breaking performance during Challenge Roth and an IM World Championship title in Nice 2023. The OSPW Aero has proved that it's a force to be reckoned with at the highest level of racing.