B2B Terms & Conditions

General terms and conditions for placing orders with CeramicSpeed Group

Subsequent general terms and conditions apply to all orders placed with CeramicSpeed Group, including CeramicSpeed Sport A/S, CeramicSpeed Bearings A/S or CeramicSpeed Sport Americas.

1. Placing orders with CeramicSpeed

  • In the following general terms and conditions, CeramicSpeed appears as CS.

2. When placing an order, the buyer submits a binding offer to CS for the conclusion of an agreement on the purchase of products. The order can be placed in writing, orally, by telephone or directly at CS.

3. As a result of placing the order, an order confirmation is sent. If the order confirmation deviates from the original order, written notice must be given to CS within a reasonable time frame.

4. Order changes

  • Until 60 days before the agreed shipment date, the order may be reduced by up to 30% of the agreed quantity.
  • From 59-30 days before the agreed shipment date, the order may be reduced by up to 15% of the agreed quantity.
  • From day 29 until the agreed shipment date, reductions are not possible.

5. Increases in the order quantity must be confirmed by a new order confirmation covering the increased quantity.

6. Customized products (that are not found in our standard assortment) are exempt to the above terms and order quantities cannot be corrected once an order confirmation for a custom product has been provided.

7. Changes to the delivery or payment schedules will be reviewed upon request when submitted no later than 30 days before the agreed shipment date.