Lifetime Warranty

At CeramicSpeed we have supreme confidence in our products’ durability and ability to perform over time. We fully believe in and trust that our products last longer, and we want our customers to do the same. This is why we have committed to cover all our Coated products, SLT Bearings, ALPHA Disc Pulley Wheels, and OSPW cages with a lifetime warranty.

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Guaranteed to last 

First and foremost, we are riders, so we understand the importance of being able to ride our bikes as much as possible. By designing products that last, we aim to minimize any unnecessary downtime off the bike. Supporting our customers by keeping them on their bikes, and spending less time worrying about their bikes, is one of our core ambitions.

At CeramicSpeed we have no doubt about the exceptional durability of our Coated products, ALPHA Disc Pulley Wheels, and SLT Bearings, or whether they are going to hold up and deliver consistent performance for our customers. We truly mean we have a best-in-class product and believe it should be supported as such. 

The same can be said about our OSPW cages. We fully believe in how they are designed, so we want to allay any initial hesitation riders might have about their performance and durability due to their exposed placement. We design cages for the real world, designed for riders to use extensively, and we stand behind them, bar none, to ensure confidence in the cage and its lifespan.

Therefore, we have committed ourselves to back all CeramicSpeed Coated products, SLT Bearings, ALPHA Disc Pulley Wheels, and OSPW cages bought from January 1st, 2021, with a lifetime warranty. The new lifetime warranty on all OSPW cages replaces our existing crash replacement program, while all Standard CeramicSpeed products continue to be backed by our 4-year warranty.  

What is Coated?

Our Coated products offer the ultimate gains in durability and longevity, thanks to our unique coating consisting of a wafer-thin metallic layer that is 75 % harder than hardened steel races.

The coated advantage

Maintenance is key

Even though our Coated products are extremely resilient and durable, they still need to be looked after. After all, a well-maintained product is a well-running product.

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Terms and Conditions

Applies to products sold from and after January 1, 2021.

CeramicSpeed warrants its products (the “Product”) to the original purchaser to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, and defects that hinder the functioning of the Product, that occur under normal use for the applicable following periods from the original date of purchase;

CeramicSpeed will replace any cage coated or SLT bearing that does not live up to the lifetime warranty;

  • Provided for the first owner, with presentation of a valid original receipt of purchase and registration of the product within 21 days, at*
  • The warranty does not cover failure due to alteration, misuse, inappropriate application, crash or impact damage (with the exception of cages), or incorrect installation (at the discretion of CeramicSpeed) and general wear and tear.  
  • Subsequent owners (second or later) are entitled to a Six-year warranty from the date of original purchase from the retailer. Proof of original purchase is required to validate the coverage period.  

CeramicSpeed (the supplier) shall not be liable for any indirect loss, including, without limitation, loss of time, loss of income, or costs of procuring replacement products or services. 

*By 31st December for products purchased before September 1st 2021.