There's more to the name

Over the years, some of the best off-road mechanics and their athletes have been quietly using CeramicSpeed products in gravity and endurance events, winning several World and Olympic titles along the way.

Now it’s time to turn up the volume. Introducing CeramicSpeed X, an off-road unit dedicated to connecting the lab to the trail in a mission to make the world’s fastest riders even faster. 

CeramicSpeed X brings high-performance products to the dirt - designed for the world’s most demanding riders but made to make a real difference for everyone.

Cover more ground

 Say our name, and you'll be left with no doubt. Put simply, our components are developed for World Cup speed and the most demanding riders. They'll propel you to the top of podiums and KOM leaderboards - or just help you leave your buddies in the dust.

When it comes to speed our components are the gold standard to which all others are measured.

World Cup Team Support

Benchmark Durability

We've successfully been eliminating unnecessary downtime since 2004. By relying on the highest-quality materials and superior craftsmanship we make components that outlast time and passing trends.

Their do-it-all & go-everywhere capabilities will make you think of them as essentials rather than lush add-ons.

Lifetime Warranty on Coated Products
Trusted by the best  

Whenever the fastest riders in the world want to gain an edge, they know who to call. A special highlight of this was during a magical weekend back in October on the stunning Isle of Elba when both Mona Mitterwallner and Andreas Seewald relied on our support to become the 2021 Elite Women's and Men's XCM World Champs. 

An (Cape) Epic Recap