Warranty Program

We are committed to manufacturing and delivering the best ceramic bearing products in the industry. If you feel your product has failed on what we promise, we will do our utmost to rectify that and regain your satisfaction.

Your CeramicSpeed product is covered by a lifetime warranty on all coated/ALPHA or SLT bearing products and OSPW cages, and a 4-year warranty on standard products.

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The majority of warranty cases submitted to CeramicSpeed stem from a lack of bearing maintenance. To take preventative measures, follow our simple maintenance guides and videos which can be found by going to our Support section.

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To file a warranty claim, you must register your product after purchase. A receipt of purchase is mandatory, should a claim occur.

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Warranty Terms

CeramicSpeed warrants all CeramicSpeed bearing products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty is effective from the original date of purchase. The warranty covers all CeramicSpeed bearing products. It is non-transferable and valid to the original purchaser of the product only. Warranty time frames are applicable to each individual product category as shown below:

Please note:
 UFO Chains are not part of our warranty program as the chain is solely a racing chain, where the full optimisation last for 600 km/370 miles.*Read Lifetime Warranty terms and conditions here.

CeramicSpeed acknowledges that the main threat to bearing failure is corrosion within the bearing itself. Corrosion occurs as a direct result of improper maintenance. CeramicSpeed does not warrant or recognise bearing corrosion under warranty. Correct maintenance guidelines for CeramicSpeed products can be found within the Support section of the CeramicSpeed homepage.

Any CeramicSpeed product found to be defective in materials and/or workmanship will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of CeramicSpeed. It is the sole responsibility of the product's user to inspect and examine the product on a regular basis to determine the need for correct maintenance or replacement.

NOT covered under the warranty program:

  • UFO Chain products
  • Products determined to be tampered with, modified or neglected
  • Products that have been misused
  • Products in lack of maintenance
  • Products that are subject to normal wear and tear
  • Products affected by a crash or sudden obscure impact
  • Products damaged due to improper installation/reinstallation 
  • Products used for any purpose other than the intended use
  • Second hand purchased products

All warranty cases will be determined solely upon review by CeramicSpeed. Each case will be reviewed individually by CeramicSpeed. This warranty program applies globally and does not differ from country to country.

For ease of processing and handling, it is highly recommended that you register your CeramicSpeed product within 21 days from the original purchase. This registration of your product will assist and expedite the warranty process. 

Failure to register a CeramicSpeed product could affect and delay any claim under warranty.

Once a warranty claim has been filed and upon agreement to continue processing the claim by CeramicSpeed, the CeramicSpeed product, along with the original proof of purchase, must be returned to CeramicSpeed. The full address listing can be found on the contact page. All postage shall be paid by the user filing the warranty claim. If a defect is found, our entire liability and your sole remedy shall be, at our option, free repair or replacement of the CeramicSpeed product. CeramicSpeed shall not be held liable for any indirect, special, punitive, or consequential damages.

CeramicSpeed will continuously provide communication to the original product user regarding any warranty claim that is outstanding.