OSPW RS - Shifting Time

It changed the scene when it was first introduced in 2015 - and has been making waves ever since. Now, we're lifting our OSPW into the future with the introduction of the new OSPW RS for Shimano and SRAM road groupsets.

Featuring a distinct updated design, new innovative tech features, and an added level of customization the OSPW RS meets the need for personal expression and premium ride experience.

The OSPW RS (abbreviated form of Racing Sport, with a nod to our heritage) is a statement for where we've been, and where we're going - always at the forefront.

The new OSPW RS is based around a distinctly modern and angular design.

The updated design brings balance and refinement to the OSPW System allowing it to blend seamlessly into the contemporary design trends of bikes and groupsets - making up the whole of which the OSPW System is part.

Active Debris Remover (ADR)

The OSPW RS comes available in versions equipped with the patent-pending technical feature ADR - a unique combination that makes it virtually impossible for debris to enter the bearing. It consists of a new dust cover design that sits safely anchored in a groove in the pulley wheel, thereby completely enclosing the bearing.

This is paired with a bladed groove structure that surrounds the dust cover, which dynamically extracts debris from the pulley wheel when it's rotating. ADR has been developed in a constant pendulum between our R&D department, the CeramicSpeed test lab, and field testing conducted by a select group of our professional off-road teams.


For our new OSPW RS, we're offering versions fitted with the ultra-durable ALPHA Disc Pulley Wheel first introduced with our OSPW X for Eagle Transmission.

The ALPHA Disc features a two-piece construction. A separate narrow-wide tooth profile produced in a composite material that offers prolonged wear protection and noise reduction. As well as a solid aluminum disc that eliminates the potential of external objects getting stuck between the spokes of the pulley wheel, while adding strength and stiffness to the Pulley Wheel design.

The first iterations of our solid disc pulley wheel design were tested in the field during the CycloCross World Cups a couple of years ago. During the 2022 CycloCross season, our sponsored team Tormans used the solid disc design extensively and provided valuable feedback on its ability to provide mud clearance in the worst of conditions.

Kobe Siemons

Former Head Mechanic for Tormans CycloCross Team

"We used the first version of the solid pulleys for one season, then we got an updated pulley wheel with a bigger bearing and caps with the 'ADR function' to avoid grass and mud turning in the bearing and mud sticking to the pulley wheel.

Till now we are still using these same prototype pulleys in the heaviest circumstances and “grass races”, because it makes a huge difference for our riders to ride their bikes without a hopping gear or bad-turning drivetrain"



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