UFO Drip Wet - Perfected in the field

One of the many privileges of working with some of the best teams and riders in the world is that we have the most qualified field testers at our disposal. Pro riders put their equipment through use (and abuse) that we regular riders can only imagine. And when everything is about winning or losing, needless to say, they're particularly picky about the equipment they ride.

With our new UFO Drip (optimized for Wet conditions) our sponsored riders have clocked up countless hours of field testing in the biggest races and most challenging conditions. They've ridden several prototype versions throughout the 2022 season, and their feedback has helped shape what we believe is the most capable chain lubrication for harsh riding conditions on the market.

If you don't take our word for it, then listen to them. 

"I think the main advantage of the UFO Drip Wet is that even in races it stays on for 300 km and we can rely on it in bad weather conditions. That’s why we requested the Wet in the first place. The Original is very smooth and very fast but for racing, we’ve experienced it performing optimally in dryer conditions. 

The UFO Drip Wet is made for real-life racing scenarios with cobbles, gravel, ultra-long distances, and bad weather”  - Mikey van Kruiningen, Head Mechanic at Intermarché-Circus-Wanty

"I guess straight talking, it must be really hard to come up with a lube that is easy to apply, has really low friction, and stays on the chain for the duration of the race during muddy conditions. From a mechanic's point of view that is all I want and there isn’t a better alternative" - Pete Michaliszyn, Race Mechanic at Cannondale Factory Racing