Lightweight Wheel Kits

Lightweight Model Wheel Kit
Fernweg Lightweight-2
Fernweg Clincher Lightweight-2
Fernweg Schwarz ED Lightweight-2
Fernweg Weiss ED Lightweight-2
Fernweg 60 Lightweight-2
Fernweg 60 Clincher Lightweight-2
Meilenstein Lightweight-1
Meilenstein Clincher Lightweight-2
Meilenstein Schwarz ED Lightweight-1
Meilenstein Weiss ED Lightweight-1
Meilenstein C Disc Lightweight-4
Meilenstein T Disc Lightweight-4
Meilenstein Obermayer Lightweight-2
Meilenstein Obermayer 2014 Lightweight-3
Meilenstein Obermayer Schwarz ED Lightweight-3
Meilenstein Obermayer Weiss ED Lightweight-3
Gipfelsturm Lightweight-2
Gipfelsturm Schwarz ED Lightweight-2
Gipfelsturm Weiss ED Lightweight-2
Rundkurs (track wheels) Lightweight-5
Rundkurs Disc (front & rear) Lightweight-5
Rundkurs F80 (front & rear) Lightweight-5
Autobahn Lightweight-2
Autobahn VR (front wheel only) 2 X 609
Autobahn Schwarz ED Lightweight-2
Autobahn Weiss ED Lightweight-2
Wegweiser Lightweight-4
Obermayer Gold ED Lightweight-2

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