Lab test of UFO Drip Wet Conditions

To make sure, that our new UFO Drip Wet Conditions could uphold the performance and quality that we were searching for, we had to take it to our internal Test Lab. Here, we challenged ourselves by putting the new UFO Drip Wet Conditions through its paces in a confined wet environment. This would also give us an indication of how the product performed in comparison to wet lubrication products from other brands on the market.The protocol for the Wet Condition test is quite straightforward. Add a chain – coated with UFO Drip Wet Conditions – to an automated drivetrain that can uphold 250 watts with no fluctuation at a speed of 56 km/t. Water will constantly be supplied to the chain during the entire test period.After 20 minutes, we remove the chain and check the ‘loss of watts’. Then we add it again to our Water Test. Every hour after that, we repeat the watt loss test. This process continues for five straight hours.As shown on the graph, the test clearly shows that after about an hour and a half, most of the comparison lubrications start to spike in watt loss and most of them wear off. While our UFO Drip Wet Conditions keeps a steady "watt loss" throughout the entire test period.Note: External testing is currently being conducted by Adam Kerin of Zero Friction Cycling. We'll make this data available as soon as we have it.