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1/8" (3,175mm)

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Sale price$6.00

Product description

The CeramicSpeed Balls feature unparalleled impact strength, smoothness, roundness and brittleness, proven to be superior to both ceramic and steel balls typically used in the cycling components.
Delivering the highest quality products is key to product performance. CeramicSpeed uses Grade 3 Silicon Nitride to create the balls that are 400% smoother than a steel ball.

A rough ball creates increased friction in the bearing and wears down quickly the steel races. Also, harder and lighter than both steel and other ceramic balls, the CeramicSpeed Balls ensure top longevity and performance.

Net weight
0.06 g
Gross Weight
0 g

400% smoother, 128% harder and 58% lighter than standard steel balls normally used in the bicycle industry.

Grade 3 Silicon Nitride making them second to none

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