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PF4630 Bottom Bracket MTB

Sale price$479.00
Finish: Coated
Color: Black
Lifetime warranty
Durable and serviceable design
Lowest friction
Exceptional corrosion resistance
RS 5-Spoke
RS ALPHA Team Edition
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Sale price$479.00

Product description

This bottom bracket is when you have a PF30, or 386EVO shell frame and want to install a 30mm crankset into the frame. All have a 46mm inner diameter, though the widths vary from 72mm to 86mm. Compatible cranks have a 30mm diameter spindle.

PF4630 Bottom Bracket MTB features nearly zero loss of power due to friction, thanks to the bearings. Our Coated Bearings have super round, super smooth CeramicSpeed balls rolling on hardened-steel races with a metallic coating laid onto the races, making them exceptionally hard and smooth, resulting in longer life and lower drag than other options. The bearings come installed in matching cups.

In the box:

  • 2 cups with bearings installed
  • Assorted spacers
  • 2 dust covers
  • O-ring for precise preload setup
  • Spacer tube
  • Long Life Grease
  • Decal
Compatibility matrix
Net weight
60.0 g
Gross Weight
170 g
BB Type
PF30 MTB 73mm
Crank Diameter
Crank Brand
SRAM, Easton, FSA, Rotor, Cannondale, and Race Face
Crank Width

Lowest Friction

Optimized Power Transfer

Longest Product Lifetime


General Maintenance for CeramicSpeed Bottom Bracket and Wheel Bearings

Overview for how to clean and maintain CeramicSpeed Bearings used in Bottom Brackets and Wheel Hubs.

It is always important to follow these instructions and apply the proper maintenance to your CeramicSpeed Bottom Brackets and Bearings in order to achieve the lowest friction and the best longevity.

Installation of 30mm cranks on CeramicSpeed Bottom Brackets

CeramicSpeed Bottom Bracket Installation Guide for PF30, EVO386, and BBright frames

An overview for installing any 46mm pressfit CeramicSpeed Bottom Brackets, including PF30, PF30A, EVO386, and BBright

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