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UFO Bearing Cleaner

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RS 5-Spoke
RS ALPHA Team Edition
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Sale price$24.00

Product description

Was developed specifically to clean the types of grease and common contamination found in cycling bearings. As a non-toxic, PFAS-free and biodegradable formula, you can clean your bearings with ease and peace of mind without harsh solvents or hazardous leftovers.
Road, Tri, Track, Gravel, Mountain, and Cross
Net weight
110.0 g
Gross Weight
110 g

Cleans grease

Reduces contamination

Non-toxic, PFAS-free and biodegradeable formula

UFO Bearing Cleaner

For cleaning bearings, it is not generally recommended to remove the bearing from its placement. Start by removing any dust shields in front of the bearing and carefully removing the visible seal by inserting a knife blade between the inner race of the bearing and the seal. Apply a couple of drops of UFO Bearing Cleaner directly to the exposed face of the bearing. Rotate the inner race in both directions to agitate the cleaner inside the bearing and break down contaminated grease. Let sit for 2-5 minutes for best results. Use compressed air and a cloth (wear eye protection) to flush out the old grease and cleaner, repeat the process if needed 1-2 times.

Once clean and dry, apply one of the three UFO Bearing Grease options based on riding type and conditions, or UFO Bearing Pulley Oil for pulley bearings, and reinstall the seal and dust shields.

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