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UFO Bike Wash

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The latest addition to our family of maintenance and care products. Just like a pair of fresh white socks will make most riders feel faster on race day – a sparkling, clean bike will provide the same mental assurance. And with the added bonus of keeping the bike in its optimal condition at all times. 

An ecofriendly foaming bike soap that is tested and approved for all bicycle surfaces. This bike wash is safe for indoor and outdoor use and features no perfumes or added scents.

  • 500 ml bottle
Road, Tri, Track, Gravel, Mountain, and Cross
500 g

For all bicycle surfaces

Safe for indoor and outdoor use

No perfumes or added scents

UFO Bike Wash

Begin by rinsing the bike with water to soften any dried mud and debris.

Thoroughly shake the bottle before use.

Spray a brush or sponge 3-4 times with the foaming UFO Bike Wash and gently scrub the bike, starting with painted surfaces, metal surfaces, and finally the wheels and tires. Repeat until the whole bike is covered in soapy foam. You will have up to 30 washes in one bottle using this method.

When the bike is soapy let it sit for 3-5 minutes to break down dirt and grease. Avoid contact with disc brake rotors.

Rinse the bike thoroughly with water and dry it with a clean towel.

UFO Bike Wash is available in a 100ml concentrate. Pour the entire concentrate into the 500ml trigger bottle, and add 200ml of water (or 2x the concentrate bottle) to create full strength bike wash.

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